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Mobile devices have changed the way young people communicate. Many of our members have their own phones and tablets, and they use them to text message, use social media and access a variety of applications. This has become essential to our members’ lives, as well as to our Club programming. At the Boys & Girls Clubs of Western Lane County, we integrate mobile technology into our Club’s programming. Phones and tablets are powerful tools that allow children to learn, create, socialize and explore the world around them. Of course, balance is needed, and there are a time and place for everything. We care about how much time children spend on their devices, what they are accessing, and when this takes place. With your help, we aim to help our children use their devices safely as an effective tool, rather than allowing them to become a dangerous distraction.

To help achieve this, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Western Lane County has adopted a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Policy for our Club. This policy will allow members to bring their laptops, tablets and/or smartphones to the Club for educational use in our facilities. However, members are never required to bring their personal technology to the Club. All members will be able to continue to use our Club technology equipment, and no member will be left out of a program because they do not have a personal device.

If you would like your child to use a personally owned electronic device within the Boys & Girls Club of Western Lane County, please read, sign and submit this agreement to Club staff.

1. In order to use the Boys & Girls Club of Western Lane County BYOD services (including the wireless network), members and parents must review and sign the BYOD Acceptable Use Policy. This is considered a legally binding agreement.

2. Members will take full responsibility for their devices and keep them with them at all times. Members may not lend their devices to any other Club member or staff. The Club is not responsible for the security of the devices or loss/damage/theft of a personally owned device.

3. Members are responsible for the proper care of their personal devices, including any costs of repair, replacement or any modifications needed to use them at the Club.

4. Members should only use their devices to access services, networks or files relevant to Club- sanctioned programs. Members should only use the features of their devices, including, but not limited to, taking or transmitting pictures, videos, location information or other features in accordance with programs.

5. Members may not use their devices to record, transmit or post pictures, videos, or other information of or about a person or persons at the Club. Nor can any images, videos, or other information recorded at the Club be transmitted or posted at any time without the express permission of Club staff.

6. Members must use the Club’s secured wireless network. Use of cellular (e.g., 3G, 4G) wireless connections is not allowed.

7. The Club reserves the right to inspect a member’s personal device. Parents/Guardians will be notified and allowed to be present before any such inspection takes place. Parents/Guardians are free to refuse to allow Club staff to inspect a device; however, that member may be barred from bringing personally owned devices to the Club in the future. This decision will be at the Club’s discretion.

8. Members must comply with staff requests to shut down or turn off devices when asked. Failure to do so may result in the member being barred from bringing personal devices in the future.

9. Violations of any Club policies, administrative procedures or Club rules involving a member’s personally owned device may result in the loss of use of the device at the Club and/or disciplinary action.

I understand that any violation of the policy or guidelines may result in revocation of technology privileges and possible further disciplinary action.

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I, the undersigned legal guardian, have reviewed the BYOD Acceptable Use Policy and guidelines for the Boys & Girls Club of Western Lane County.   My Child is also aware of the terms and conditions.

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