If members disregard the rights and responsibilities of Club membership, they will be disciplined accordingly. We utilize time-outs, guidance techniques, and program suspension when necessary to ensure that all members have the chance to enjoy their experience at the Club. Parents/guardians may be contacted if assistance is needed, and will be notified immediately if a member needs to be suspended from a program. 

Safe Haven: Weapons or other items which may cause harm to others are not permitted at the Club. We reserve the right to check bags or ask members to empty pockets at any time if we suspect a danger to our members. 


The Boys & Girls Club of Western Lane County requires our Club member(s) to follow certain rules while they participate in our Club programs. The rules are:

1. Respect Club Staff
2. Respect Club Members
3. Respect Club Equipment

The Boys & Girls Club of Western Lane County provides your Club member(s) with:

  • A safe, positive, and inclusive environments to learn and grow

  •  Opportunities to build positive, meaningful and healthy connections with their peers and adults

  •  High-quality strength-based activities and program to explore and obtain skills necessary to make good decisions

  •  Experiences that foster hope, belonging, and a sense of purpose

  •  Opportunities for youth to lead, contribute their ideas, and be recognized

One of the Club’s core beliefs is to provide a safe place to learn and grow. Positive attitudes keep the Club fun. Below are some simple guidelines members are expected to follow:

  • Respect yourself, play fairly, be honest, and applaud the efforts of others

  •  Avoid inappropriate language and dress appropriately at all times

  •  Running is reserved for athletics

  •  Say only good things about others 

  •  Be respectful of Boys & Girls Club Staff and listen during appropriate times and assemblies

  •  Resolve disagreements in a positive way and be respectful of other members and their property

  •  Tobacco, drugs, alcohol, and weapons are prohibited

  •  Take care of your Boys & Girls Club facility, grounds, and equipment


The CLUB's dress code is established to promote appropriate grooming and hygiene, prevent disruption, and avoid safety hazards.  Members who represent The CLUB in a voluntary activity may be required to meet additional dress and grooming standards.

  • Clothing should not be excessively baggy or tight 

  •  No exposed undergarments

  •  Shirts and shoes are required at all times

  •  Tanks top straps must be two adult finger widths wide

  •  Skirts, dresses, and shorts must be longer than your fingertips while your arms are at your side

  •  Clothing with illicit drug, alcohol, or tobacco messages are prohibited as these substances are illegal for minors.

  •  Clothing with vulgar, plainly offensive, profane, obscene or sexually explicit references, graphics, logos, or comments is prohibited.

  •  Clothing may not advocate prejudice, violence, or depict violance.

  • Hoods, scarves, bandanas, facemasks, etc. that obscure a person's face or identity pose a safety hazard/threat and are not permitted at The CLUB.

  • Clothing that depicts gang affiliation or other hostile messages that could be interpreted as harassment in their message (implied or not) may not be worn.Undergarments should not be visible to others.  Clothes designed primarily as undergarments may not be worn as exterior, visible clothing. 

  • Clothes that are see-through and/or worn in a way that reveals undergarments are not appropriate and may not be worn.

  • No heelys (wheels must be removed while in the Club)

  • No flip flops as they break often and prohibit members from participating in athletic activities

Club Members who do not follow the above guidelines will be asked to change their clothes and/or will be provided with alternative clothing if available.  Flagrant, deliberate or repeated violations will result in disciplinary action.