The purpose of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Western Lane County (BGCWLC) is to provide children of our community with an opportunity to participate in a variety of Programs & Activities including Sports, STEM, and After School Youth Development while promoting the values of honesty, integrity, good sportsmanship, cooperation, teamwork, and fair play.  This Parent’s Code of Conduct identifies the standards of conduct needed to support the objectives of the CLUB and to provide our members, their families, our volunteers (including coaches), and our staff a right to a safe, positive environment for all who come through our doors.

As a parent of a Boys & Girls Club of Western Lane County member, I understand the impact I have on the lives of children involved in our programs. My impact is not only upon my children but upon other children, parents, volunteers, and staff, whether directly or indirectly. The examples I set and the attitudes I take are the driving forces in creating a positive atmosphere. It is this positive atmosphere from which our kids can best build self-esteem and develop character.

All parents/guardians are expected to abide by the rules and regulations in relation to manners, respect, sportsmanship, and cooperation with the CLUB Staff.  The CLUB has established rules and regulations for the convenience and protection of all of its CLUB members, parents/guardians, and staff.  Parents/guardians should feel free to voice ideas, suggestions, or complaints in a professional non-threatening manner.  A Club member will not be released to any parent/guardian suspected to be under the influence of a controlled and or illegal substance.

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Western Lane County will not tolerate verbal or physical abuse of any person on the premises or at any Boys & Girls Club event (including off-site sporting events).

A violation of any of the rules/regulations is considered misconduct and appropriate disciplinary action will be initiated.  Disciplinary action could include but, is not limited to, suspension of the CLUB member and or no-trespassing order for the parent/guardian.

Therefore, I will:

  • Respect the rights and property of others

  • Treat all staff, adults, and other youth with Respect

  • Be courteous

  • Speak appropriately

  • Seek positive alternatives to verbal and physical conflicts

  • Support the organization, its programs, and its staff

  • Value all cultures and individual differences equally

  • Model appropriate language and behavior at all times

  • I will remember that children learn best by example

  • I will remember that all children participate to have fun and that games are for youths, not parents.

  • I will arrange for my child to be picked up on time

  • I will teach my child to play by the rules and to resolve conflicts without resorting to hostility or violence

  • I will demand that my child treat other players, coaches, officials, spectators, and staff with respect regardless of race, creed, color, sex, or ability

  • I will teach my child that doing one’s best is more important than winning so that my child will never feel defeated by the outcomes of a game or his/her performance in a game.

  • I will never ridicule or yell at my child or other participants for making a mistake

  • I will respect the officials, coaches, or staff, and their authority during games or programs and will never question or confront them at the game field and will take time to speak with them at an agreed-upon time and place.

  • I understand that it is the coach’s job to coach and run practice as they see fit, and I will not interfere during practices or games.

  • I will teach and demonstrate respect for the referees/umpires.

  • I will respect the players and parents on my child’s team and other teams. I will appreciate the diversity of players and demonstrate appropriate gestures of sportsmanship before, during, and after a game.

  • I will follow facility rules and regulations and respect at all times the properties of others.

  • I will practice sportsmanship and fair play.

  • I will promote child growth and development in a positive and supportive manner.

  • I will communicate with the coach in a timely fashion. They need to stay informed about scheduling conflicts with practice and games.

  • I will register my child for programs, events, and/or activities prior to registration deadlines and I will honor those deadlines if I miss them for any reason

  • I will tell the truth in my verbal and written communications regarding any and all CLUB matters

  • I will make registration and/or program fees payments on time, every time, or I will have a personal conversation with the Site Director to make appropriate arrangements for payment.


  • I will not encourage any behavior or practices that would endanger the health and well-being of children or BGCWLC staff.

  • I will not berate or ridicule CLUB staff because I missed registration deadlines, did not make timely payment of program fees, or turn in the appropriate registration applications.

  • I will not coach my child or other players during games and practices unless I am one of the official coaches

  • I will not use alcohol, drugs or tobacco products prior to and during any game or practice or at any event or facility hosted by Boys & Girls Clubs of Western Lane County.

  • I will not use profanity.

  • I will not verbally, physically or psychologically abuse any player,  referee, coach, other parents, spectator or   Boys & Girls Club employee.

  • I will not engage in any kind of inappropriate behavior with an official, coach, player, parent, or CLUB staff such as arguing, booing, taunting, or using profane language, crude names, or gestures.

  • I will not misrepresent the truth verbally, in written form, or in Social Media when I have a disagreement with coaches, referees, other parents, and or Club Staff.

If a staff member tells you to stop, and you fail to stop, and then they say, “leave,” and you fail to leave, now you’re trespassing.

I understand that I may not use the Boys & Girls Club of Western Lane County name when requesting donations of any kind for BGCWLC or any other organization without prior written approval.

I also understand that if I violate this Code of Conduct, league policies or procedures, or Federal, State or Local laws, ordinances or rules, then I may be subject to probation, suspension, dismissal or denial of all club related activities/properties/facilities with the Boys & Girls Club of Western Lane County or other disciplinary action deemed appropriate by the Executive Director.

The Boys & Girls Clubs premises are protected by 24-hour audio and video surveillance.  By entering the CLUB property and or facilities, you agree to be audio and video recorded.


Violations of the Parent Code of Conduct may result, but are limited to the following consequences:

  • A Parent being suspended and or removed from a game/tournament by a referee, coach, or staff member for misconduct.

  • A Coach being suspended and or removed from a game/tournament by a referee or staff member for misconduct.

  • A Player being benched by the team’s coach for parent misconduct before, during, or after a game.

  • A Member or Family could be temporarily or permanently released from the Club.


The Boys & Girls Clubs of Western Lane County WILL NEVER TOLERATE VIOLENCE OR THREATS of any kind in our programs and or on our premises or off-site locations for CLUB sponsored events or activities.  If a child or family member chooses to bring a weapon, with malicious intent to the CLUB or makes a verbal or written threat, he/she will be expelled immediately!  911 and the police will be called.  DHS will also be notified in these circumstances.  NO SECOND CHANCES.


The CLUB will not release any CLUB documentation, reports, or audio/video files.  All CLUB documentation or reports remain the sole property of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Western Lane County.

I understand that my child’s membership privileges and my access to the CLUB or CLUB events may be suspended or revoked if I do not honor the Parents Code of Conduct: