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At the Boys & Girls Clubs of Western Lane County, we know that the future of our country rests with its children. Today’s kids will become tomorrow’s parents, workforce, and leaders. That’s why we’re proud that young people across Florence are building and planning their futures as members of our Clubs. Our community of staff, volunteers, parents, and supporters believe that the promise of tomorrow begins today. Together, we give young people and Florence a sense of hope, a sense of opportunity, a sense that Anything is Possible Because Great Futures Starts Here.


We want to be sure that our youth are on track to graduate. We help them with their homework and work hard to get them back in school if they drop out. We prepare them for college, trade school, military or employment.


We encourage our youth to take care themselves. Modeling and teaching healthy lifestyles is important at the Club. Our kids are taught to eat healthy and stay active through fun activities.


We want our kids to know that they can make a difference in their community. We believe in them and, because of this, many begin to believe in themselves. Our club members are active in many community volunteer activities and often become leaders in their school and/or social circles.

By 2020, the Boys & Girls Club of Western Lane County is the most widely sought-after, self-sustaining non-profit on the Oregon Coast. It is a vibrant place, attracting all youth ages 6 – 18 and focusing to those who need additional support and care. Our facilities promote a sense of safety and security. The children who walk through our doors feel loved and part of our family. They ask to join the Club, prospective employees want to work for us, dedicated staff members stay connected to the organization, and community partners reach out to us, offering their support, resources and assistance. We are an asset to the community by teaching vital life skills at the Club. We teach children to give back, creating a culture of generational legacy. We are everyone’s first choice, and the Board of Directors considers it their highest honor to serve the youth in our area. Simply put, there is no other place that any child would rather be than our Club.

To our core of our DNA, we believe in potential and invest in opportunity. Every child and teen we serve has the potential to do great things and it is our privilege to help them unlock that potential

By committing ourselves to thinking differently, we will challenge the status quo and create a first-class experience for everyone we serve.

Our Club is committed to developing our community’s youth by
instilling a sense of:

Competence – Our members feel proud and confident when they can demonstrate new knowledge or skills acquired through participation in regularly scheduled Club programs.

Usefulness – Our members derive satisfaction and fulfillment knowing that they can contribute and provide something valued by others through the completion of community service projects or by helping around the Club.

Belonging – Our members recognize that they are a part of something bigger than they are. Here, they belong to a community and they have opportunities to join teams and peer groups.

Power and influence – Our members know that their opinions are heard and that they can have the ability to influence others by assuming leadership positions within groups, by helping to develop a new Club program, and as role models for younger members.

Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s national programs have taken members from the Clubhouse to the White House; from the game room to the corporate boardroom; from the high school orchestra to Carnegie Hall.

From the moment you walk into the Club, we aim to make every day one where Club members feel safe enough to grow physically and emotionally, to trust and to have a chance to truly be themselves.

Our days start and end with fun. Fun is always the first thing we want members to feel when they enter our Club. Fun makes everything else seem easy, and it’s the guiding force for all of the Club staff and volunteers as it creates a sense of belonging for our kids.

There is a special bond that happens between Club members and Club Staff. These bonds are meaningful and filled with warmth, caring, appreciation, acceptance and proper guidance. Club members know that when they’re at the Club, they always have someone that they can look to for a solution to a problem, big or small.

While at the Club, youth acquire physical, social, technological, artistic and life skills. These skills play a vital part in the great futures ahead and are built upon high expectations set by the Club board and staff. The opportunities that Club youth are presented throughout high school, college and professional life can often be attributed to the three simple rules at our Clubhouse: Respect Club Staff; Respect Club Members; Respect Club Equipment.


Every day, week, month and year, Club members are recognized for their achievements. The positive contributions that our Club members make never go unnoticed and are always praised. Whether it is a simple high five, a Youth of the Month award, or our ultimate honor a Youth of the Year nomination our Club staff makes it an integral part of every day to showcase the achievements of our amazing members.


You never give up; when you encounter life’s obstacles, you are tenacious, self-reliant, and you always find ways to overcome.


Acting responsibly on behalf of our youth, parents, and community. You are someone others can count on; you are honest and true to yourself and all those around you.

You never expect to receive, you always expect to give back.

You stay positive when faced with negativity; you maintain a sense of home when all feels lost, and you know that brighter days are always ahead of you.


Unifying individual and community contributions to accomplish our mission.


You look out for those who need more in this world than you, and each day you find ways to make a difference for others.


You honor yourself and all those around you.


You always treat others as equals, and you take the time to learn about and celebrate people from all cultural backgrounds.

This Is What We Commit To:

We show up every day to prove every kid has what it takes.

Every child matters. They all deserve opportunity. We are here to elevate them and let them know that they are capable, worthy and important. That’s why we make this promise: to prove to the world – and every individual child – that they have what it takes to achieve a great future.