Power Hour offers a structured time and place for Club staff and volunteers to help members with an important aspect of the educational process – homework. Members emerge from the program better prepared for classes and proud of their hard work and accomplishments.
The philosophy underlying the Power Hour program is that the benefits of homework are threefold – academic, behavioral and social.
Beyond the academic benefit, consistent homework completion helps young people develop valuable organizational skills – including time management, prioritizing and task completion.
Power Hour enables our Club to provide extra attention and focused assistance to at-risk members and those in need of motivation and direction. With the proper guidance and support, every Club member has the chance to develop self-directed learning skills and to be successful in school.


Money Matters: Make It Count is a program that brings financial literacy to our teen members (age 12 – 18) at the very time in their lives when they most need to develop these skills. We have a remarkable opportunity here to step in and provide a rich understanding of how to make wise decisions that will thoroughly impact our member’s lives.

The Money Matters Program was created for Boys & Girls Club of America in partnership with Charles Schwab Foundation, to provide behavior-changing financial education to help teens get on the path toward budgeting, saving, planning for college and financial freedom.

The program is comprised of a core curriculum divided among five units. Each unit addresses a key Money Matters theme, and the activities are designed to put that theme into a real-world context for members. These five topics are the ones most relevant to teen members, reaching them at a time when their behavior as earners, spenders and savers can be most influenced. The five topics are:

Unit 1: Budgeting And Living Within Your Means
Unit 2: Saving and Investing: Put Your Money To Work
Unit 3: Planning For College: College As An Investment
Unit 4: Credit & Debt: Protect Your Future
Unit 5: Entrepreneurship: Making It On Your Own

The program targets the following three behavior – changing goals:
Budgeting: Maximizing revenue, planning ahead, setting goals and living within one’s means
Saving: Investing in one’s own future and leveraging short-term behaviors to inspire life-changing long-term goals.
Planning For College: Recognizing post-secondary education as a financially-attainable goal that can have a dramatic impact on increased earning potential.

Giving teens the know-how to make great financial decisions throughout their life is one of the greatest gifts we can provide. Many teenagers are just starting to earn wages and are unsure of what to do with their new income. There are countless temptations to separate them from their hard-earned money: credit card offers, designer consumer goods, advertisements and peer pressure. Unfortunately, current teen culture promotes reckless spending. But if we can step in and show them how valuable it is to put money away, to avoid getting into debt, to save up for college or vocational school, and to truly invest in themselves and their future, we can make an incredible impact on their lives.


The landscape of girlhood has changed dramatically in the past 25 years. The advent of social media alone has transformed the way young people interact with the world, and with their communities. It has become vitally important to their process of self-discovery and identification. Now more than ever, young women need a solid foundation for building healthy attitudes and lifestyles.

SMART Girls program helps girls build that foundation by equipping
them with critical knowledge and skills in the areas of physical health and wellness, mental health and self-esteem, and relationships. Encompassing the physical, emotional and social changes a girl will go through between the
ages of 12 and 18.

Ages 14 to 18
During these years, girls define who they are through interests, activities, and likes and dislikes. They increase their independence from their families and rely heavily on friends and peers for validation. They choose friends based on common interests and explore virtual relationships, both of which aid their process of self-discovery. Many use social media as a tool of self-expression. Girls mature sexually and
explore issues of sexual identity.

SMART Girls gives girls the space, support and tools to navigate adolescence and to emerge strong, healthy young adults. The program provides critical information, including education on:
• The emotional and physical changes associated with pre-pubescence and puberty
• Maintaining a healthy lifestyle that includes a balanced diet and physical activity
• The influence of mass- and social media on attitudes toward girls and women
• Relationship management (romantic, platonic, familial)
• Dating violence and bullying
• Depression, eating disorders and self-harm

But it does more than that. SMART Girls tackles issues girls deal with every day – from troubles and triumphs with friends and family, to struggles with body image and self-esteem, to the impact of school stress and bullying –in a safe and open environment.

Giving girls this outlet to talk about their experiences, vent concerns and ask questions not only increase girls’ confidence and compassion; it also leads to improved performance in the classroom.


The passage from boyhood to manhood is challenging, requiring adolescent males to understand and manage many issues and transitions. Passport to Manhood addresses critical issues that young men face during this time, such as ethics, decision-making, wellness, ideas about fatherhood, employment and careers, cooperation and conflict, diversity, relationships and self-esteem.

Passport to Manhood is a program that concentrates on specific aspects of manhood through highly interactive activities. Each Club member participant is issued his own “passport” to underscore his personal journey of maturation and growth. One session is conducted each week, with each activity to be completed within 30 to 45 minutes.

• Understanding Manhood
• Self-Esteem and Identity
• Values in Personal Decision-Making
• Academic Success
• Healthy Lifestyles
• Responses to Authority
• Relationships with Girls
• Fatherhood and the Family
• Employment and Careers
• Cooperation and Conflict
• Personal Leadership and Community Responsibility
• Graduation: From Boys to Men


Positive Action is a comprehensive system of integrated and coherent school, family and community curricula and programs that promote the use of positive actions to develop the whole self-physical, intellectual, social and emotional. By empowering people to live happy, healthy and successful lives, the system also empowers their schools, families and communities to find their greatness. In this five-layer system, each layer builds upon the others to provide the structure, organization, and logic for the whole system. The first four layers present the content and the fifth layer supplies the tools through which the content is delivered.

Positive Action Mission Statement: The mission of the Positive Action System is to promote positive actions to empower greatness in individuals as they participate in their schools, families and communities, so they live happy, healthy and successful lives and to empower greatness in families, schools and communities themselves.